Liguria extends from the border with France to the northern part of Tuscany and is one of Italy’s smallest regions. It is traversed by mountains (the Alps to the west and the Apennines to the east) and the entire territory faces the Ligurian Sea. Although geographically part of Northern Italy, it enjoys a temperate climate due to the influence of the sea. Mountains and steep hills make up 70% of the territory. The vineyards are thus small and scattered and are situated on terraced areas that descend gradually from the hills to the sea.

Ligurian wines, especially whites, are renowned for their elegance and freshness. The most distinguished white wine is Vermentino, which is a very light, fresh, citrusy and slightly herbaceous. Pigato, Albarola, Bosco and Cinqueterre are other wonderful indigenous white wines. Liguria also produces red wines such as Rossese of Dolceacqua and Brachetto of Albenga.

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