Our Story


How did we get our name, Navigli Italian Wines & Spirits?
The Navigli is a system of five canals in Milan designed and built between the 11th and 17th century and improved by Leonardo Da Vinci in around the 1400’s to enable the transportation of goods such as the marble used for building the Duomo, Milan’s famous gothic style cathedral.



At the beginning of the 1930’s the canals were partially covered over and today the Navigli has become one of Milan’s most vibrant nightlife districts with its many wine bars, cafes and characteristic Milanese restaurants.

We chose Navigli as the name for our wine company in honour of where we met and fell in love.

Just as the Navigli was used, historically, to transport goods, today Navigli Italian Wines and Spirits continues its mission but on a global scale!

All that remains is to wish you “buon viaggio” (have a good trip) along the banks of the Navigli and across the pages of our website.