Villa De Varda Grappa Thurgua

Villa De Varda Grappa Muller Thurgau ~ Grappa

Villa De Varda


700 ml bottle

Alc. 40% by vol.

Made with 100% Müller Thurgau pomace.

Bright, crystal-clear, transparent. Aromatic, delicate, elegant, pleasingly fruity scents of freshly picked apples, apricot, citrus fruit and peach with floral hints of jasmine, blooming wisteria, rose, elderberry flower and sage. Fresh, velvety, elegant, delicate, inviting with pleasingly fragrant and persistent finish.

  • About The Producer

In the small Trentino town of Mezzolombardo, the de Vardas - noblemen since 1678, were prominent vineyard owners and grappa producers. At the beginning of the 19th century, Michele Dolzan started the art of distillation. The Dolzans are heirs to a long family tradition of wine-growing and winemaking experience that has been handed down from one generation to the next.