nuraghe crabioni moscato di sorso sennori white dessert wine from sardinia italy

2015 Nuraghe Crabioni Moscato di Sorso Sennori DOC 500ml ~ Dessert Wine

Nuraghe Crabioni


500 ml bottle

100% Moscato white dessert wine.

Golden yellow. Intense bouquet recalling apricots, citrus fruit, and honey. The mouthfeel is rich, greatly concentrated, and powerful. Extremely lengthy aftertaste destined to increase with the time spent bottled. Sipping this wine gives an uncannily real impression of actually tasting grapes plucked from the vine.

Wonderful with aged cheeses (herbed pecorino, cheddar, gruyere), desserts, and chocolate. 


5 Star Wine Award (90/100) Vinitaly 2017

  • About The Producer

The Nuraghe Crabioni estate is located in the town of Sorso in the north-western province of Sassari and covers 35 hectares.

The vineyards lie on gently sloping hills and face the Asinara Gulf. This favourable position means that it enjoys a Mediterranean climate but it is also shielded by its characteristic hot southerly winds making it perfectly suited to the growing of Vermentino, Cannonau, and Cagnulari native Sardinian grapes.

All work is carried out by hand without the use of additives so that only the best grapes are selected for wine production.