Essentiae Lunae Sloe Berry Liqueur

Essentiae Lunae Pruni ~ Sloe Berry Liqueur

Essentiae Lunae


500ml bottle - in elegant gift box

Alc. 43% by vol.

Wild sloe berries, alcohol, sugar, white wine, cloves, cinnamon.

Intense ruby red colour that slowly takes on amber highlights during maturation. Intense nose, with spicy notes and hints of tree resin, dry and harmonious palate with great structure.

This liqueur comes from an ancient recipe that involves 60 days of processing and around 12 months’ ageing. It is produced in the artisan way, using the wild sloe berries of the Lunigiana.

Ideal after a meal, in cocktails, cakes, ice cream and sorbet.

  • About The Producer

Essentiae Lunae produces liqueurs by following natural methods and the ancient recipes of the Ligurian Mediterranean tradition in an artisan workshop created and operating in Castelnuovo Magra in Colli di Luni.

The Essentiae Opificio was founded by Diego Bosoni, wine producer of the family run Lunae Bosoni Estate and Fiorella Stoppa, an expert in the artisan preparation of liqueurs according to local tradition. Fiorella has produced liqueurs since the seventies when she started out in her little workshop in La Spezia and accrued much experience in studying and painstakingly seeking out ancient local recipes.

Every liqueur is prepared in small quantities with raw materials of the highest quality, from organic cultivation exclusively in the season of their harvest. Each stage of the process is done by hand. The processing of these raw materials is done with the ancient method of cold infusion. No dyes, chemical essences or preservatives are added. No invasive intervention of man or technology takes place. Just as nature prefers.