Domenis Storica Verde ~ Liqueur

Domenis Storica Verde ~ Liqueur



700 ml bottle

Alc. 25% by vol.

This slightly sweet and spicy liqueur is obtained from the slow maceration of selected plants and aromatic herbs (such as basil) in alcohol.

Elegant balance and a pleasant persistence due to its low alcohol content. The fine components obtained from plants give the fresh aroma that distinguishes Storica Verde, making it extremely versatile.

Sip Storica Verde at room temperature to fully enjoy the delicate aroma. Enjoy it fresh, (on its own or in cocktails) to appreciate its intensity and character. Perfect as an aperitif. Also suitable for all kind of sweets, especially artisanal pastries

  • About The Producer

The Domenis Distillery was founded in Cividale del Friuli in 1898 by Pietro Domenis and is now led by the third and fourth generation of the Domenis family.

Domenis grappas and liqueurs stand out for their purity and elegance. The character of each grape variety is clearly expressed. Domenis is for the true spirit connoisseur.