Domenis Aghemil ~ Organic Honey Liqueur with Grappa

Domenis Aghemil ~ Organic Honey Liqueur with Grappa



500ml bottle

Certified organic

Alc. 35% by vol.

Made with certified organic honey from Indigo Bush and grappa. Indigo Bush is a spontaneous plant, which is found in Friuli and grows along the gravel beds of rivers and streams, from which you extract very distinctive honey, with a fruity aroma reminiscent of gelatine, candied peel, and marmalade. 

The grappa is distilled and after a year’s aging, it is mixed with the honey to obtain this liqueur and is then bottled.

Amber with a uniformly widespread opalescence. Extremely fine and intense nose. The honey aromas prevail to then fade into distinctive grappa notes.

  • About The Producer

The Domenis Distillery was founded in Cividale del Friuli in 1898 by Pietro Domenis and is now led by the third and fourth generation of the Domenis family.

Domenis grappas stand out for their purity and elegance. The character of each grape variety is clearly expressed. Domenis is for the true grappa connoisseur.