Lombardy is world famous for its major city, Milan – capital of fashion and design and its beautiful lakes – Lake Como & Lake Garda much loved by the international jet set. Lombardy is, unfortunately, less renowned as a wine-producing region. Winemaking here is abundant and of exceptional quality.
The most important area is the Valtellina with Nebbiolo-based wines, in particular Sforzato produced by partial refinement of Nebbiolo grapes on wattles as well as Sassella, Inferno and Grumello.
The Franciacorta region, near Brescia – just north east of Milan, produces Franciacorta, an elegant sparkling wine made utilising the ‘methode champenoise’ classic sparkling winemaking procedure.
Other wine producing areas are the Oltrepò Pavese near Pavia just south of Milan, with Cortese and still or sparkling Bonarda red wines, and finally the Brescia area of Garda Lake with Trebbiano di Lugana white wine.

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