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Castello di Uviglie Grappa Di Barbera 500ml ~ Grappa

Castello di Uviglie


500 ml

Alc. 45% by vol.

100% Barbera pomace. Seven years ageing in Ash Tree wood.

It has an intriguing bouquet of camomile and candied fruit.

On the palate, it is full and rich with hints of liquorice and chocolate and a light elegant note due to its ageing in antique wood.

  • About The Producer

The Uviglie Castle rises up on the hills of Monferrato. With tradition and experience of more than five centuries, today the winery owned by Simone Lupano is a dynamic company with 25 hectares of vineyards. The wines are the result of a great love for his region. Such is its beauty that it is a UNESCO world heritage site.