Domenis Storica Sambuca ~ Spirit

Domenis Storica Sambuca ~ Spirit



700 ml bottle

Alc. 40% by vol.

The quality of star anise, an ancient ingredient in many cultures including the Italian tradition, is the true heart of Storica Sambuca. Star anise is one of the oldest spices, used in cooking even back in the times of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Pleasant, perfect in its balance of sugar, alcohol, and the main ingredient, precisely anise.

The classic way to enjoy it is with ice and the traditional coffee.

  • About The Producer

The Domenis Distillery was founded in Cividale del Friuli in 1898 by Pietro Domenis and is now led by the third and fourth generation of the Domenis family.

Domenis grappas and liqueurs stand out for their purity and elegance. The character of each grape variety is clearly expressed. Domenis is for the true spirit connoisseur.