Sardinia is a mesmerising island located to the west of the Italian peninsula. Its Mediterranean location, as well as the historic influence from other cultures, gives the wines a unique character that might be considered to have more in common with Spanish than Italian wines.

It is renowned for bold red wines such as Cannonau, Cagnulari, Carignano, Bovale and Monica. Cannonau (a clone of Grenache) is the most planted grape and is rich with intense dark red berries, plum and soft tannins. Cagnulari has lovely dark berry aromas and more pronounced acidity.

Sardinia has interesting white wines such as Vermentino di Gallura with its slight almond finish.

You will also find unique dessert style wines such as Malvasia di Bosa with a rich honeysuckle and camomile bouquet and almondy taste as well as Vernaccia di Oristano which has an Amontillado sherry-like character.


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