Denis Morandi


Everything started when as a child Denis Morandi tended to his grandfather’s vineyard. At the age of eighteen, Denis achieved his dream of creating his own wine.

The vineyards are situated in Loro Ciuffena (near Arezzo) where the climate is ideal for growing Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties.

Denis utilises natural winemaking methods and pays meticulous attention to keeping yields low and makes a rigorous selection during the harvest, to ensure that only the finest grapes are used to make his wines. He selects and picks the grapes by hand and fermentation occurs naturally, with no additional yeast and only limited use of sulfites. The phases of the moon dictate the timing of the racking and bottling processes. 

Denis’ winemaking philosophy is respect for the natural environment so as to create distinctive wines that are rich in aromas and flavours


2020 Denis Morandi Bricconcella Rosato Toscana IGT ~ Rosé
denis morandi bricconcella organic rose wine made with sangiovese from tuscany italy available from navigli wines australia

2020 Denis Morandi Bricconcella Rosato Toscana IGT ~ Rosé

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