Ornella Molon

Ornella Molon was created from the passion of two entrepreneurs who were dedicated to farming with the aim of producing very individual, unique and unrepeatable wines.

Ornella Molon Traverso is in Campodipietra di Salgareda, in the province of Treviso. A unique and unmistakeable land, a very precious and amazing context to cultivate the vines.
40 hectares of vineyards extend along the plane of the Piave River to the south east of Treviso. An excellent area for producing top quality wines, thanks to the extremely florid soil and the vicinity to the Adriatic sea.

Since 1982, Ornella Molon Traverso has constantly pursued a quality based policy and has now become an important company gaining growing market shares, and being awarded very important recognition both at home and abroad.

Molon Wine

Pinot Grigio
Can be served as an aperitif but also with fine rice dishes, fish stews, shellfish and poultry
Raboso Frizzante
Ideal paired with salami and cured meats, cheese, pizza, finger food/snacks and dried fruit
Ideal accompaniment to game dishes, salami, cured meats and roasts
This wine is easily combined with different dishes such as cold cuts, roasts, grilled meats and rabbit
Superb with game. Best enjoyed with rich, fatty dishes in general as its slightly acidic flavour cleanses the palate
Vite Rossa
Excellent accompaniment to game dishes, roast pork and mature cheeses
Bianco di Ornella
It's a meditation wine, ideal with dry cakes and biscuits. Also superb with game patè and blue cheeses